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B What? B-Fly!

B-Fly is the highly competitive B team of the University of Michigan Women's Ultimate program. Like Flywheel, B-Fly practices regularly and travels all over the country to compete. B-Fly becomes a stronger part of the UM ultimate program every year, and ended last season as the highest-ranked B-team in the nation.

Roster [2014-2015]

CoachES: Helen Huang + Chelsea Grindle

0 Ashley Gomez

2 Hanna Berlin

3 Renee Jurek

4 Amanda Chamberlain

5 Alice Murphy

6 Hannah Marcovitch

7 Desiree Chew

8 Yuki Kurosu

9 Claire Oliva

10 Kelly Hilk

12 Annie Oldani

13 Sarah Adams

14 Brittany Wright

17 Caroline Smith

20 Alexis Wait

23 Gina Sancricca

24 Jillian Liu

26 Katy Beckstrom

27 Jess Axelrod

28 Leah Bar-On Simmons

36 Bridget Cook

42 Sydney Friedman

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