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B What? B-Fly!

B-Fly is the highly competitive B team of the University of Michigan Women's Ultimate program. Like Flywheel, B-Fly practices regularly and travels all over the country to compete. B-Fly becomes a stronger part of the UM ultimate program every year, and ended last season as the highest-ranked B-team in the nation.

Roster [2016-2017]

Coaches: Andy Yu, Scott Hetu

01 Jennifer Knister

07 Jennifer Wang

08 Erin Doherty

09 Claire Oliva [CAPTAIN]

13 Julie Hahn

15 Loriann Hom

16 Danielle "Smellz" Dejournett [CAPTAIN]

18 Ashley Pepple

22 Maddie Haas

23 Gina "City Ham" Sancricca

25 Izzy Panepento

26 Anna Marcus

29 Sarah Neeper

35 Josie Burridge

40 Catherine Gong

47 Jayne Hubscher

49 Maggie McGeehan

64 Katie Ernst

80 Leah Weinstein

81 Bre "Breedom" Berka

87 Maria Elkin

88 Melinda Cook

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