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Centex 2016 Recap

After landing in the Lone Star State, Flywheel’s first stop was to prepare for the weekend with the best pre-Centex food: Torchy’s Tacos. With tacos in our stomachs and determination in our hearts, Flywheel was ready to start the weekend. As most of you recall, Centex 2015, aka MudTex 2015 was a big struggle for all teams involved, quicksand-like mud made any form of real speed almost impossible. Mud filled memories made every team look forward to solid ground. This year the rain stayed away, but the wind came to play. With gusts measuring up to 25 mph on Saturday, the wind created another obstacle between Flywheel and victory. At WindTex 2016, games could be decided on the flip, but this was not the case for our girls.


Flywheel came out ready to play. We were #blessed to win both flips and started downwind on offense. The game plan: A huck from Hannah “Hank” Henkin and always keep the disc moving towards the end zone. On downwind turns, Flywheel quickly assembled into zone, causing Blu’s offense to have to throw risky upwind throws. On upwind D points the plan was also simple, force a turn with hard man D, and attempt to work it up field. Points were traded back to back, neither team making it more than halfway up the field upwind. This was until, Flywheel was able to do what seemed impossible: break upwind. With a turn generated, Flywheel’s chilly offense was lead by Nina “Ninja” Janjic, Talia Barth, and Tracey “T-Lo” Lo. The best part about it: Flywheel broke to take half. Both teams traded points for the rest of the half and Flywheel kept the lead beating Blu 11-9.

Vs. Texas Melee

Flywheel was pumped and ready to play after a win against Blu. How better to start off a game with the hometown heroes than for Brittany “Summer 10” Wright getting the most casual callahan you will ever see. The rest of the half points were traded, both teams throwing zone upwind and neither team was able to break. After several upwind attempts, all ending on the goal line, Flywheel was finally able to score upwind with a Hank-Leah connection. Keeping the break train going, Flywheel was broke once again, this time downwind, to take half 8-6. But Melee wasn’t going down without a fight, in the second half Melee showed that they too could score upwind. Soft cap went on, making it a game to 11. After a hold by Melee, it was universe point and neither team was willing to give up, ultimately it was another Leah-Hank connection to save the day and win the game 11-10.

Vs. UVA Hydra

Thanks to our fearless leaders Flywheel was able to win all three flips of the day, and once again started on offense going downwind. Points were traded back and forth like all day long. Hydra, quickly becoming the biggest threat to Flywheel zone’s all day, showed that they could move the disc easily and work it upwind. But this didn’t stop us. Flywheel was able to board the break train and get both an upwind and downwind break to take half. The game ended with a marathon point to end all marathon points, lasting 30 minutes long. Flywheel started on offense, UVA shaded deep knowing the first option would be looking for a huck from Leah “Poptart” Bar-On Simmons. Turns were traded by both teams, Hydra’s short ball game kept Flywheel’s defense on its toes, and Flywheel’s downwind presence forced Hydra to have to work the disc upwind for the entire length of the field. Hard cap went on, and despite knowing that this was the last point regardless of the outcome, neither team would concede. After 2 timeouts, Flywheel was finally able to score, winning the game 10-7. Going 3-0 on Saturday and proved that Flywheel does in deed hustle harder.


Vs. Colorado Kali (Quarters)

Flywheel showed up on Sunday, having gotten to sleep-in, ready to repeat Saturday’s performance. Initially it looked like this game was going to be like the all of the previous ones, but Flywheel changed the pattern and broke both upwind and downwind early on in the game, taking the lead 5-3. After a few more points were traded back and forth, Kali answered with their own upwind break. But Flywheel responds beautiful upwind offense from T-Lo, Emma, and Benny, stopping Kali from getting the downwind score. Kali, not letting Flywheel have the last word, broke on back to back points to take half 7-8. With the game back on par, Flywheel started out the half on offense and both teams traded points until an end zone layout by our very own Hannah Henkin to stop the streak and break upwind 12-11. With a game to 13, Flywheel came out strong on defense and was able to force a turn. Colorado native, Nina “Ninja” Janjic streaked deep and caught a well-placed huck from T-Lo to win the game 13-11, proving once and for all that she is a Michigander at heart. #whatagirl

Vs. UCLA Blu: take 2 (Semis)

UCLA, determined not to have a repeat of the previous Saturday match-up, broke early in the game (1-2). Flywheel responded and held upwind and scored on the downwind point, refusing to let Blu take the lead. The rest of the half neither team had success upwind due to resilient defense on both sides. Flywheel took half after a hand block by Maya was caught on the goal line and converted to a score. Shortly after half, hard cap went on, with the score being 9-9, Flywheel once again found itself in a double game point situation. With the power line on the field, all Flywheel had to do was score. Blu sprinted out with a zone, but that could not stop this line. A stall 9, no-look bailout huck from Hank found its way into the hands of Talia, who quickly dished it off to Brittany in the end zone for the win 10-9. Sending Flywheel on to the Centex finals.

Vs. Texas Melee: The finals

After a loss on Saturday and the home turf advantage, Flywheel knew that Melee would be gunning to settle the score. The game started like all of the others before, both teams being able to hold downwind, including a score off of a greatest by Melee, significant gains were made upwind but neither team was successful. A flawless upwind huck from T-Lo to Ali “XXL” Jensen and Flywheel generated the first upwind break of the game. Flywheel rode the break train not once, not twice, but four times, a streak that was unheard of all weekend. Melee was not going to give up easily. They answered our breaks with a few of their own, preventing us from taking an early half. Flywheel responded with an upwind score to take half 8-7. Tensions were high, and both teams clearly showed that they can easily break upwind if need be. Soft cap went on and making it a game to 12. After scores from both sides, it was universe point, Flywheel needed an upwind break to win the game, but a quick, off the pull, perfectly placed huck by Melee ended the game 11-12. Flywheel took 2nd overall, and broke seed by 5, making this the best finish at Centex in Flywheel history.

The Dance Off

The real disappointing loss of the weekend was the tale of the Centex Dance off. Flywheel came out strong, intimidating the crowds with our version of a Haka, and performed the best rendition of our dance yet. Despite our almost perfect performance, Flywheel lost out on the podium to Penn State, UCLA Blu, and the Pie Queens. We have since called for a re-count, but the judges have not gotten back to us yet. Should we have been in the top three? We think yes, but you can be the judge. Watch our 2016 dance here:

We would like to thank all of our fans and family who endured the strong wind and sun to cheer us on, and let us take over their house for the weekend. Thanks for all of your support and being apart of the Fly-family!

#TournamentRecap #Flywheel2016 #Centex

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