~ The Team ~

     We are the University of Michigan Women's Ultimate Frisbee team. Recognized by the university as a club sport, we travel across the country to compete against other high-level programs. We currently have two teams, Flywheel A and B-Fly. Flywheel is made up of many different members, from freshmen who picked up their first disc at tryouts to grad students who have been playing for years. For seven of the past eight seasons, we have qualified for Nationals, most recently placing 2nd in 2011, 3rd in 2012, and 5th in 2014. B-Fly is a strong program to help players learn about the sport and build up their skills. B-Fly is a strong B team that participates in multiple tournaments throughout the Midwest. Both teams create a space for individuals to learn about ultimate while also meeting other strong women athletes who share the love for the sport.