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Tryout information

Interested in playing with us this season? Send an email to + we'll be in touch!


Our current practice schedule is:




On Elbel Field




On Elbel Field 


Be sure to bring:

  • water

  • a dark + a white shirt

  • cleats or running shoes


No experience necessary, but game faces are required. We're looking for athleticism and great attitudes. Sound like you? Come play with us!



Q. Do I need to have any prior Ultimate experience?

A. No experience is necessary to tryout. In fact 86% of our team never played ultimate before coming to college. We will teach you everything from throwing to the rules and how to play! 


Q. What if I can't make it to all of the open practices? 

A. We are big followers of the "school comes first" theory, and we understand that things come up. But, we ask if you are going to miss often if you would please email our coaches and captains ( and let them know your situation so we can work something out. 


Q. Do I have to pay for tryouts?

A. Not at all! Tryouts are 100% free to you, all you have to do is show up ready to play. 


Q. What are tryouts going to be like?

A. Tryouts will be almost identical to open practices. We will teach you a new skill, do a few drills, and scrimmage some. The only difference is that our captains and coaches will start to look at attitude, effort, and attendance. We are not expecting you to be able to throw perfectly or understand everything, we just want to see if you are willing to put forth the effort to learn these things as the season progresses. 


Q. Can I be a grad student and play?

A. You betcha! We actually have several grad students on our team.


Q. Do you have coaches?

A. Yes we do. All of our coaches are very knowledgeable and experienced in Ultimate. Feel free to ask them questions at any time! 


Q. Do you have a B-team? 

A. We have a “developmental team” known as B-Fly. Just because it is the B team doesn't mean that the coaches expect anything less. The only difference is that you will not play the same competition or travel as far. 


Q. How many players are taken for each team?

A. Our rosters will not be set until October, but in the past we have taken around 20-25 players for each team. 


Q. Do you guys make cuts?

A. Not usually, but it really depends on the number who are trying out. For the most part, if you are willing to dedicate the time and effort towards the team, then we will find a spot for you! 


Q. How long is the season?

A. Ultimate is one of those sports where you get to play almost all year round. From now until December we will go to 3-4 tournaments to gain experience and to see competition that we will face later on in the season. In January is when the season actually starts. We will attend a few tournaments, eventually leading up to the college championship series, where we hope to qualify for nationals in May. 


Q. Where do you play? Do you play outdoors?

A. We play outside for practice and tournaments until it gets too cold and club sports makes us stop. While our fellow classmates are bundled up jackets and scarfs, we get to be running around in shorts and tanks in the wonderful and amazing Oosterbahn, Michigan's heated indoor field house.


Q. What sports background do people come from?

A. We have people who have played everything from soccer to skiing. We even have some people who didn't play a sport before coming to college. 


Q. What are the costs/dues to play?

A. We do have to pay dues, unfortunately it does cost money to go to tournaments. It's hard to say exactly how much dues will be because it changes from year to year, but an estimate for the fall would be around $60. If you have a problem or need help, talk to our captains or treasurer and see if you can work something out, because we never want money to be the reason that you cannot play ultimate.

Want more info? Click here for our Mass Meeting presentation

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